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Making sense of regulatory information!
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Legal Suites Inc.

Tel: 705-435-2041

Fax: 705-435-1467

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Starting September 2014, Legal Suites will be offering a series of live on-line webinars* sessions to meet the demands of food industry for regulatory training purposes. This particular series will focus on subject areas that pertain to Canadian regulatory labelling concerns

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more Info @ Legal Suites Live- on-Line

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The following workshops are up-in-coming at NSF-GFTC, in Guelph Ontario.

1. Canadian Food Additive Regulations Workshop:  

A one day workshop focusing on food additives, colours, flavours, and novel ingredients. Presented by Gary Gnirss of Legal Suites

  ► May 20, 2015

more Info @ GFTC

US Flag2. US Food Labeling:

A one day workshop focussing on US food labeling under FDA. Presented by Gary Gnirss of Legal Suites. 

  ► May 21, 2015

more Info @ GFTC


Food Suite® Smart Tools Reference Manual to the Food and Drugs Act & Regulations... 


The most comprehensive, user-friendly version of the Canadian Food and Drugs Act and Regulations is now available for purchase. To learn more or to order your copy please follow the link.  more Info

Regulatory Compliance: more Info
Compliance is the backbone of Legal Suites Inc. We offer services and know-how products to help industry ensure compliance with laws and regulations in United States and Canada. Find out more about who we are and how we can assist you...
Know-how Products & Services: more Info
There are better and easier ways to manage compliance in today's fast paced world of changes to regulations, and the ever growing complexity of laws. Legal Suites Inc. offers a few solutions such as the Food Suite® US Food Labeling Reference CD package, US and Canadian food labeling workshops, update services and more...
Compliance Services:  more Info
For those who prefer to outsource their compliance work, or for those who need expertise from time-to-time, Legal Suites® Partner Referral Service will put you in contact with the expertise you are looking for. Food compliance services provided by Bulcan Foodbev Consultants Inc.(BFB). BFB offers a number of services such as label reviews, product registrations, language translations, product registration and more (see below)...

US Services
·  US Regulatory Consulting - Food
  ·  Labelling Review - FDA & USDA
  ·  Language Translations - Spanish
  ·  Letters of Deviation for Canadian Meat & Poultry Product Imports
  ·  US Food Labelling Workshops

Canadian  Services
·  Canadian Regulatory Consulting - Food, Pet Foods, Consumer Products, etc.
  ·  Labelling Review - Food, Pet Food, Consumer Products, etc. 
  ·  Language Translations - French
  ·  Letters of Deviation for Canadian Meat & Poultry Product Imports
  ·  Canadian Food Labelling Workshops
  ·  Advertising Review
  ·  Novel Food and Food Additive Submissions
  ·  Temporary Marketing Authorization Submissions
·  Marketing Authorization Submissions
·  Food Additive Submissions
 Novel Food Submissions

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Food Suite® is the most popular of our web portals. It offers US and Canadian food compliance resources. It is currently the only publically accessible LS portal.  more info... The Legal Suites Enviro Suite portal is a privately managed network portal. This portal is currently not publically accessible. The Legal Suites Health Suite portal is a privately managed network portal. This portal is not publically accessible.