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Regulatory Training with Gary Gnirss
Our regulatory training programs provide intensive technical training on the regulatory requirements for food and beverages in Canada and the U.S. Our programming reflects the most up-to-date information on changes in regulatory guidelines and legislation, and allows you to ask questions of leading experts in the field. Programming includes Canadian food regulations, Canadian ingredient and nutrition labelling, and U.S. food labeling under the FDA, providing you with the knowledge, skills and tools to confidently meet regulatory requirements and achieve compliance.
Join Gary Gnirss, Legal Suites Inc., in partnership with NSF International in the delivery of a series of in-class face-to-face full day workshops that will help guide you through the regulatory food labelling process.
March 26-29 | Guelph ON
The Canadian Regulatory Short Course provides an extensive overview of the Canadian food regulatory landscape. It is comprised of three NSF Training and Education Services regulatory workshops offered as a bundle:
Register for the Canadian Regulatory Short Course and receive an NSF Training and Education Services Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing all program requirements, or register for courses individually based on your learning requirements. Participants registering for the full Canadian Regulatory Short Course will receive a 10% discount. Learn more
March 26-27 | Guelph ON
Gain a comprehensive understanding of Canadian food regulations. Compliance is like a big jigsaw puzzle of laws and regulations, and this course shows how all the pieces fit together. Understanding the mechanics of regulations is an essential part of compliance and allows a more effective approach to modernization, such as the transition to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. Ask questions of leading experts in the field of food regulations and learn how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Through presentations, group activities and case studies, this two-day program reviews food regulations in Canada. Learn more
March 28 | Guelph ON
This program focuses on the requirements of the Food and Drug Regulations, including Health Canada regulatory amendments introduced in December 2016 that govern all foods and beverages sold in Canada. This program concludes with an introduction to more advanced topics including how label claims and statements affect the list of ingredients (e.g. no preservatives) and how the ingredients may influence label claims themselves (e.g. “natural”), as well as an overview of CFIA’s Guidelines for Highlighted Ingredients and Flavours. The Advanced Canadian Ingredients Labelling course is a great next step to follow this training. Learn more
March 29 | Guelph ON
Nutrition labelling is mandatory for most prepackaged foods, including bulk, foodservice and foods for further manufacture. Learn how to design a Nutrition Facts table in compliance with the current regulations and new Health Canada regulatory amendments to nutrition labelling. This course provides a solid overview of Canadian nutrition labelling, nutrient content claims and health claims. Comprehensive resource materials, including an electronic copy of the Food Suite® Smart Tools for Canadian Nutrition Labelling, are provided as a part of this training program. Learn more
Save money and time with onsite training at your facility
NSF Training and Education Services’ Onsite and Customized training programs are delivered by expert technical trainers at your facility
to save you the time and expense of sending employees elsewhere. We can develop a brand new training program specifically for your
needs, or we can customize any of our existing training programs from our course offerings inventory. For all onsite and customized
programs we work with your unique learning goals, schedule and budget to develop and deliver a program specific to you.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more or request a quote.