Our clients range from the largest to the smallest companies, government and trade offices from around the world. A common need among all of our clients is that for additional knowledge and know-how. Our training programs and information resources are welcome to all. Managing regulatory affairs in today's complex business climate requires specialized and dedicated skills and knowledge. Our training programs are delivered via public, as well as, private sessions.


We have had the pleasure of having top industry and government people attending our regulatory workshops. Attendees are largely from a regulatory, legal, quality assurance, product development and marketing background. Each profession has its own take on regulations, and having resources available to help bridge the gap between common objectives is a strong point  of our workshops.


When training and resource materials are not enough, our hands on consulting on regulatory affairs is there to provide additional support. From time-to-time clients may need additional assistance in managing their regulatory affairs, or require highly specialized services. Compliance services are carried out by Bulcan Foodbev Consultants (A Division of Legal Suites Inc.). The services provided range from the more ordinary label reviews to premarket notifications. Compliance that best addresses the needs of government regulations, consumer expectations and corporate objectives is the goal. Here too we have served the largest to the smallest companies, and governments from around the world.


Our success whether it’s through training, resource materials or consulting is that we make it easier for companies to be compliant with the ever increasingly complex regulations.


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