Step 1: Select Item from Store 

If you are already registered on the Legal Suites® web site, log in first. If you are not a registered user you will be prompted to create an account later in the process. From the <Store> tab select a tab with the service item of your choice. In the example below, the <Webinar Support> tab was selected.


Step 2: Add a Store Item to Cart 

From the available choices at the store, <Add> item to your cart.  On the <Select Payment Mode> popup window, <Add to Cart>. Wait for the <Added to Cart!> confirmation to appear below the <Select Payment Mode>. This will confirm the addition of the item to the cart. This will disappear after a few seconds. If your cart is ready to purchase, enter <Go to Payment>.




Step 3: Enter Coupon Code 

From the purchase form, enter the coupon code provided and <Apply>. The entry is case sensitive. If successful, a notice will be displayed that the coupon code is applied. The coupon may only be applied to the item it is registered for. Ensure you have selected the correct version of product. The coupon will cover all or part of the purchase price. Typically training support is provided at no cost to attendess of workshops and webinars. Such coupons issued for training support cover 100% of the posted cost.


Step 4: Complete the Purchase Form 

If you are logged in already, proceed to <Terms of Use>. If you aggree apply a check in the box. Proceed to the lower right of the screen and click on <Subscribe>. Got to step 6. If you are not already a registered user, got to Step 5 and complete that. Then return to Step 4 to complete this step.


Step 5: Complete USer Registration 

Complete the <New User Account> subform. You must select a <Login Username> and <Password>. Complete the remaining part of the subform. If the coupon is for 100% of the purchase price, do not complete any additional account <Billing> and <Payment> subforms. If the coupon is for only a partial amount, then <Billing> and <Payment> subforms must be completed.


Step 6: Review Order & Proceed

From the <Confirmation> popup screen, verify that the total is what it should be. For example, if the coupon code covers 100% of the cost of the item, the total should be zero. If correct click <Proceed>. A confirmation screen will appear if successful. Click <OK>.



Step 7: Redirect and New Subscriptions 

After completing Step 6, you will be redirected to your <My Subscriptions> <Dashboard> account screen. The store items that have been purchased will either appear under <My Subscriptions> add/or <Workshops><Support>. The example below may not be exactly the same as your subscribed services.

Users must be logged into the Legal Suites® web site in order to show and access their subscriptions. So when returning tothe site, please log in with the credentials you created. Users manage their own account.


Please explore the content made available to you. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. If you have any questions please contact the Legal Suite® web support team.

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 Updated: September 18, 2017