Updates to Food Labelling Modernization

When: Wednesday May 15, 2019

Time: 2pm - 4:30pm

Join regulatory food labelling expert, Gary Gnirss, President of Legal Suites for this session as he focuses on the regulations that pertain to:

  • NEW Nutrition Labelling
  • NEW Ingredient labelling and Colour

Gary will also be touching upon subject areas as they are currently being developed on:

  • ·Front of Packaging Nutrition Labelling*
  • ·Safe Food for Canadians Regulations*
  • ·And other Food Labelling Modernization updates*

Gary’s presentations are jam-packed with valuable information. He encourages you to think through the regulatory fog so that you can effectively apply your newly gained knowledge to your specific scenarios. Get involved with your questions, before, during and after the live presentation.

*Legal Suites will be announcing additional webinars that will delve deeper into these particular subject areas in separate webinars.


1 Attendee - $350

2 Attendees - $700

3 Attendees- $1050

4 Attendees - $1400

5-10 Attendess - $1575

Duration: 1 year


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Please contact the Food Suite® Training Support Team at 705-435-2041 or by e-mail at mailto://support@legalsuites.com if you have any questions.


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