Introduction to Fundamentals of Food Law RECORDING ONLY

Original Broadcast Date: September 14, 2017 

Session 1:

Upgrade your knowledge and understanding of Canadian food laws and regulations. Ask questions of leading experts in the field of food labelling and learn how to strategically use the regulations and regulatory process to optimize your market potential.  

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This Session:

- An overview of how foods are regulated in Canada; for retail and non retail packaged foods and beverages.

- The role of federal and provincial authorities and how their legislation shapes compliance.

- The webinar exposes a number of key food laws and regulations the influence compliance. We also look at compliance resources and few strategies to help us keep pace with the many changes constantly in front of us.

- We explore special regulatory considerations like Interim Marketing Authorization, Marketing Authorizations and Temporary Marketing Authorization and their role in working around regulatory obstacles.

- Topics include the reshaping of how foods under the Food and Drug Regulations and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, (proposed January 21, 2017), will impact food labelling and compliance. Further food labelling modernization initiatives being worked on by CFIA and Health Canada will be discussed.

Goal: The goal of this webinar is to build on the foundational understanding of foods law and regulations, which is an essential component of managing compliance. The following 9 session build on top of this foundation.

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