GETTING IT RIGHT WITH LABELLING FLAVOURS, SEASONING, SPICES AND HERBS [Pre-Recorded Webinar Knowledge Exchange & Asynchronous Practicum

GETTING IT RIGHT WITH LABELLING FLAVOURS, SEASONING, SPICES AND HERBS  [Pre-Recorded Webinar Knowledge Exchange & Asynchronous Practicum

Program Overview:

Part 1. Knowledge Exchange. 

We will delve into the following topics:

  1. Labelling, labelling, labelling
  2. Compositional standards and definitions
  3. Natural flavours
  4. Artificial flavours
  5. Highlighting of ingredients and flavourings outside of your ingredient lists
  6. Vignettes and pictorial representations 
  7. Claims like ‘no artificial flavours’, ‘made with natural flavours’
  8. Distinguishing spices, flavours, seasonings and herbs
  9. Proposed food labelling modernization like emphasizing ingredients and flavours

Part 2. Aysnchronous Practicum 

The second part of this series, Asynchronous Practicum is pre-recorded This is a step-through training session that guides attendees on answering the worksheet questions provided with the course. It also explores the content covered in the Knowledge Exchange Webinar Recording in view of actual label examples and instruction. The recording will also feature some of the most common FAQs in previous sessions. 

  1. We will work through various regulations, standards and definitions so that you can understand how to apply these to your own ingredients.  The quality of your suppliers’ most current specifications is very important in this regard.
  2. We will work through component declarations of flavourings and seasonings to help you save some valuable real estate on your label.
  3. We will look at various examples on the Canadian mark of food labels to help you gain a better understanding of how to tackle your ingredient labelling and non-ingredient labelling.
  4. We will work through creating some declarations for ingredient lists nomenclature.
  5. We will work through creating some flavour designations outside of ingredient lists.  e.g. flavour flashes or call-outs
  6. We will look at an example of what emphasizing ingredients and flavours could look like if CFIA food labelling modernization proposals are finalized, as is.

Who Should Attend:

  • Food Labelling and Advertising Specialists
  • Food Scientists
  • Food Regulatory Specialists
  • Product Development Personnel
  • Research & Development Personnel
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Food Service Personnel
  • Food Technologists
  • Ingredient Suppliers
  • Food Inspectors
  • Flavour Suppliers
  • Seasoning Suppliers
  • Owners/Operators of Food Business
Duration: 1 year

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WELCOME: This asynchronous training is provided by Legal Suites Inc. is a convenient means for subscribers learn at their own pace. The training is built on the foundation of a knowledge exchange component that helps prepare attendees to completing the practicum component. The practicums are worksheet exercises designed to challenge learners and as a means for attendees to self evaluate whether they have understood the training subject. The practicum exercises should be completed before reviewing the answers provided. Each practicum is also reviewed and available as a recoded video. Learners may also complete a quiz should they wish receive a certificate for this training program.

GETTING STARTED: Follow these steps to success.

1. Review the pre-recorded webinar video.
Hint: Make a copy of the PowerPoint hand outs and follow along as you would in any other program. Pause and rewind as needed.
2. Print the practicum handout and complete as best as you can.
3. Print the practicum answer sheet and review your answers.
4. Review the recorded practicum videos as they explain additional context.
5. Successfully complete the quiz and receive your certificate.
Hint: The quiz questions are based on the content of the training. You will find the answers there.

QUESTIONS: If you have difficulty or have questions about the content of the training, contact us at...


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