Legal Suites® offers both public and private workshops of food labelling compliance


PRIVATE: Legal Suites®  offers private sessions to corporate groups and other organizations. These sessions are closed to the public and thus are not advertised to the general public. Typically such sessions are smaller, consisting of 5 to 20 people. The host is responsible for all arrangements other than delivering the content of the program. The program can also be customized to meet the timing and content needs of the host. Since we come to your door, this may be a cost-effecient way of managing the training needs for large groups. If your group/organization/association would like to learn more or requires an estimate, please contact us.  

If you can’t make it to face-to-face/in-class room setting training sessions, consider Private Live Webinars.   We can build a webinar training package to suit your specific needs.

EXAMPLES: Examples of the content that can be covered during private sessions can be seen at the following link, please click here. Workshops can be customized to focus on the customers' interests.

The training programs that are presented by Legal Suites Inc. are customized for the needs of the host/organization/corporation.  

We can train your group on a wide variety of topics related to food labelling and advertising compliance.

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