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  July 20, 2022...

JulFOP 2022 CoverAy 20, 2022...

This is what we have all been waiting for! Canada has finalized rules on mandatory front of package nutrition symbol labelling, known as FOP. Prepackaged foods that exceed the threshold level of saturated fat, sodium and/or sugar and which are not otherwise exempt, will need to include a FOP symbol on their main panel. The rules are "final" but have a transition period that ends on December 31, 2025. 
Among the ancillary amendments that came with FOP, includes updates to labelling sweeteners and foods with added sweeteners, vitamin D fortification of certain dairy products, updates to nutrient content claims and housekeeping rules to address that define fully hydrogenating, closing the loop on the ban of trans fat that was in effect since September of 2018.  pdf Executive Summary FOP July 20 2022 FDR FOP Amendments A (2.48 MB)

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July 20, 2022...

More hot stuff. On July 20, 2022, final regulations on Supplemented Foods Regulations were published in Canada Canada Gazette II. This ushers in a whole new class of food, ones that contain added vitamins, minerals, amino acids, caffeine and potentially other substances as well, that would have otherwise been prohibited in foods.

Find out more in our Food Suite® Bulletin - Executive Summary of Supplemented Foods Regulations, (July 20, 2022), amendments to the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations pdf Executive Summary July 20 2022 FDR Supplemenetd Food Amendments (1.84 MB) .

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July 6, 2022...

Hot of the press, the July 6, 2022, Canada Gazette II final regulations amending the Food and Drug Regulations, (FDR), and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulation, (SFCR), brings changes to these major federal food laws in Canada. While these are the result of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Food Product Innovation, (FIP), a much watered-down version of their broad based Food Labelling Modernization, (FLM), it is still of keen interest to us. It introduces three new documents incorporated by reface, repeals rules and adds definitions. Find out more in our Food Suite® Bulletin - Executive Summary Food Product Innovation, (July 6, 2022), Amendments to the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations & Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.  pdf Executive Summary July 6 2022 FDR SFCR Amendments A (1.23 MB)

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LIVE WEBINAR BROADCAST - 2, 1/2 day webinars (OCTOBER 4 & 7)

Getting it Right With... New Supplemented Foods Regulations... A webinar to help attendees get comfortable and learn to work with the NEW Canadian Supplemented Foods Regulations. This webinar will be delivered by food regulatory expert, Gary Gnirss.

Program Overview:

Program Overview:

Part 1. Live Knowledge Exchange - October 4, 2022  12:45PM - 3:30PM Eastern Time
We will delve into the following topics:

We will cover these key points:
• Labelling, cautionary statements, supplement food facts.
• Food and Drug Regulations NEW Division 29 “Supplemented Foods”.
• Health Canada’s List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients.
• Health Canada’s List of Permitted Supplemented Foods Categories.
• Health Canada’s Directory of Supplemented Foods Facts Table Formats.
• Health Canada’s Directory of Food Caution Identifier Specifications.
• List of Foods That Have Received Temporary Marketing Authorization (TMA) Letters.
• Threshold Levels for Cautionary Statements and Other Conditions of Use.
• And more...

• Infant formula.
• Foods for special dietary use.
• Pet foods.
• Natural health products.
• Cannabis products.

Part 2. Live Practicum - October 7, 2022  12:45PM - 3:30PM Eastern Time
The second part of this series, the live Practicum, is a training session that guides attendees on answering the worksheet questions provided with the course. It also explores the content covered in the Knowledge Exchange Webinar in view of label examples and instruction reviewed in the practicum session.


  • Live Webinar (GoToWebinar**)
  • Support Materials
  • Knowledge Exchange Recording
  • Practicum Recording
  • Practicum Questions & Answers
  • Certificate (based on 90% attendance)
  • BONUS: Extra 1/2 hr Q&A at the of the webinar

*12-month subscription




Ever wonder happened to all those Canadian food labelling and regulatory modernization initiatives? The following executive summary explains where things are now, the influence of COVID-19 and where they are likely heading in the future.  


Updated August 23, 2022


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(A two-part training webinar series)


PART 2: Asynchronous PRACTICUM

Part 1: Knowledge Exchange (pre-recorded)

Regulatory Food Expert Gary Gnirss, exchanges his knowledge with Food Industry Professionals on a variety of hot Food Labelling Topics.  The knowledge exchange portion is a recording of an actual live webinar delivered by Gary.  These 2.5 hour LIVE Knowledge Exchange session's have been recorded and are now available for Industry Professionals to partake in at their own pace.

Part 2: Asynchronous Learning Practicum (pre-recorded)
This is a recorded step-through training session that guides attendees on answering the worksheet questions provided with the course. It also explores the content covered in the Knowledge Exchange Webinar Recording  in view of actual label examples and instruction. The recording will also feature some of the most common FAQs in previous sessions. 
Topics include:

BONUS: After completing the 2 part series, we now offer an assessment of your learning. Upon successful completion of the assessment, attendees can download a personalized Certificate of Attendance for their records!  

Learn more about the Getting it Right Training Series as Gary takes you through the benefits of taking this training!